Get More Lead Conversions With the Smart Gateway Technology

It’s final here. We’ve added the Smart Gateway Technology to the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced WordPress Plugin.

Now you can show a landing page to every visitor to your site, leading to more lead conversions and sales. We combined state of the art technology to give you even more control over your landing pages.

This Is How It Works

  • Show a landing page to all of your traffic, no matter which page they are going to.
  • Exclude post allows you to not show the gateway landing page for certain pages including your homepage
  • Set how often you want to show the gateway landing page to a particular visitor.  Set it to show only once, every 5 minutes, or any time interval you like.
  • Search engine friendly so it won’t affect your rankings.

Get the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced Plugin with Smart Gateway Technology and start getting more conversions today.

If you already have a license for the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced Plugin, you can login to your account and download the new version.

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