This is why email is so vital to your marketing

A few months back I saw an advertisement in a magazine for a company that provides mailing list. You know, the ones to physical addresses. The list are basically list you could compile yourself. Things like, doctors categorized by specialty…stuff

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Login to WordPress When You Can’t Get to wp-admin or wp-login.php

Recently, I had a customer contact me about not being able to get to the login screen on her site. She was using our Simple Maintenance Mode Pro plugin. Apparently, her theme was set up to redirect wp-admin and wp-login.php

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How To Get More Subscribers Without Needing More Traffic

Most of the time it would seem logical that if you want to get more subscribers you would drive more traffic to your site. But there is a point where you have to step back and analyze the traffic you

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Free Landing Page – List Building Power Page

We have put together a squeeze page that is sure to get you more subscribers.  You can download the page by clicking the link below.  You will get a .zip file.  Just unzip the file, edit the page, and upload

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Popup Express Plugin Quick Start Guide

Popup Express is available in two version, free and pro.  The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. Popup Express Pro version can be purchased here. Free and Pro Features Activate Popup Checking this box makes the

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The Strategy You Must Implement To Sell Anything

I have been marketing for a long time and have learned a few things about selling.  But there is one ingredient that is so essential to success that you will fail if you don’t have it. It is the thing

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Using the Button Creator Pro With E-Junkie

You can use the Button Creator Pro with E-Junkie. Here is how. 1. Login in to E-Junkie and click on View/Edit/Delete Products 2. Click Get Button Code 3. Copy the href portion of the button code.  From the image below

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Get More Lead Conversions With the Smart Gateway Technology

It’s final here. We’ve added the Smart Gateway Technology to the Ultimate Landing Page Advanced WordPress Plugin. Now you can show a landing page to every visitor to your site, leading to more lead conversions and sales. We combined state

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Recovery Coming Soon Landing Page


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How To Get 4,692 Subscribers
The step-by-step guide to more conversions
  • The one thing you must do to get subscribers
  • How to find the traffic that converts more than any other traffic
  • What to include in your auto responsder to keep 'em subscribed
  • The exact method I use to skyrocket my email list to more than 4692 subscribers

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