Popup Express Plugin Quick Start Guide

Popup Express is available in two version, free and pro.  The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

Popup Express Pro version can be purchased here.

Free and Pro Features

Activate Popup

Checking this box makes the popup start showing on your site.  If you don’t check this box, the popup won’t show on your site.


Place your headline here.  With the Pro version, a custom style can be applied by using #pe_headline.


Place your sub-headline here.  With the Pro version, a custom style can be applied by using #pe_subheadline.

Email Form Headline

Place your email form headline here.  With the Pro version, a custom style can be applied by using .form-title.

Email Button Text

Place your email button text here.With the Pro version, a custom style can be applied to the entire button including the button text by using .submit-button.

Feedburner Id

Place your feedburner id here.


Place your features/benefits in these boxes.  Each one will be a separate bullet point.

Pro Features

Popup Type

You can choose between two types, Automatic and Exit Pop.

Automatic Pop

Automatic will cause the popup to automatically pop up on the user’s screen at a time controlled by Popup Delay and Popup Wait Timer.

Exit Pop

Exit Pop tracks the speed of the user’s mouse and other factors to determine the user’s intent on exiting the site.  It will show the popup when it determines the user is intending on leaving the page.

Test Mode

Check here to turn on test mode. Test mode sets the popup to pop for logged in users so you can test.  Activate Popup doesn’t need to be checked for the Test Mode to work.  Checking Activate Popup and Test mode will make the popup show for all visitors to the site whether logged in or not.

Popup Delay

Time to wait for popup to show when using the Automatic Popup. Time is in seconds.

Popup Wait Timer

Time interval between the last popup shown and the next time it is shown to the user. Time is in seconds.

Show on posts

Check here to show the popup on posts.

Show on pages

Check here to show the popup on pages.

Show on category pages

Check here to show the popup on category pages.

Show on your homepage

Check here to show the popup on your homepage.

Email Management

Choose between Feedburner, Aweber, Mailchimp, or Custom.

Aweber List Id

Place your Aweber list id here.

Mailchimp Url

Place your Mailchimp Url here.

Custom Url

Place your Custom Url here.  This is the Url the email form will be submitted to if you choose Custom for Email Manangement.

Custom Email Field Name

Place your Custom email input field name here.  This is only necessary if page your Custom Url is submitting to is expecting a different input name other than name. default: name

Hidden Input Name  and Hidden Input Value

There are three hidden input name/value pairs you can use to pass any hidden data you need to your email management.  These fields will be a Post request as a part of the form when it is submitted.

Custom css

Place custom styling for the popup here.

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