Post Gallery

Add a gallery page of posts and pages to your site.
Place a headline at the top of your page to tell visitors what the gallery is about.
Header Message
Insert a description about the gallery.  Get people interested in what the post gallery is all about.  You could also place an advertisement or call to action in this box.
Footer Message
Summarize what the gallery is about.  Give links to other pages or post that may interest the reader.  You could also place an advertisement or call to action in this box.

Each Post or Page Listing

Place a custom title for the post/page you are listing.  If you leave it blank, you will get the post/page default title.  The title is automatically linked to the post/page and will take the user to the post/page when it is clicked.
Choose a post/post from the drop down.  All of your published post and pages are available.
Description type
Choose to use the post/page excerpt that is saved when you create the post or page; create a custom description; or choose none to not have a description.
Place a custom description here.
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